Alumnus Keeps with Tradition of a "Commitment to Excellence"

It is with great honor that we present this week's Alumni Highlights,  which will feature VCCS Class of 1997 Valedictorian, LaTita Pratt Fisher.   To most all her peers, LaTita has always been known for her astounding intelligence, raw athleticism, kind spirit and infectious smile. Throughout her years at VCCS, LaTita excelled academically and managed to make the honor roll every year. She also participated in the Student Council and played basketball, volleyball and softball.  

Of course, LaTita's parent's (VCCS principal of over two decades, Mr. Michael Pratt and his wife, Shirley Pratt) played a vital role in LaTita's accomplishments, by imparting a Godly heritage, character and dedication. However, with God's help, LaTita paved her own way to success with an impeccable work ethic, that wowed her peers, instructors and eventually even her employers. In fact, LaTita's hard work and dedication throughout her days at VCCS not only led to favorable results academically and athletically, but it also paved the way for her to graduate at the top of her class with honors from VCCS and catapulted her further into a great number of collegiate and professional achievements later in life.   

LaTita attended and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She later received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, LaTita was recruited by Boston Scientific (formerly Guidant Corporation) as a Software Engineer.  In this position she provided verification and validation of pacemaker interrogation devices.  She quickly became recognized for her astute attention to details and for consistently producing results in an efficient manner.  She was often drafted to work on special teams responsible for coming up with solutions to some of the most challenging problems in her division.


Despite moving to Columbus, OH for her husband's career and starting a family, senior management recognized that Latita was too valuable an asset to let go.  An almost unprecedented move allowed her to become a part of a very small group of employees that were asked to work remotely.  A year after her son was born with a congenital heart defect that required open-heart surgery, LaTita and her husband founded a charity "Golfing For Hearts". 

LaTita was elected Executive Director by the Board of Directors and quickly made Golfing for Hearts a popular charity event in the Columbus area.  GFH has raised nearly $20,000 to date for children and their families affected by congenital heart disease.  


For more information on Golfing for Hearts, go to or email to  

LaTita currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and three children. She happily juggles life as a stay-at-home mom, executive director of a non-profit, and an entrepreneur.

"LaTita's Reflections on VCCS..."

THE FOUNDATION  | "You face various challenges and meet people of all backgrounds throughout life. But knowing who you are in Christ, knowing that prayer works, and confessing God's Word helps you overcome challenges and obstacles and keeps you grounded. VCCS definitely aided in forming that spiritual foundation by teaching us how to pray, how to trust in God, and by reminding us to make good confessions over our lives."   

FONDEST VCCS MEMORY | "My favorite moments at VCCS were with the Varsity Girls Basketball team. We had some good times!  Most of all, winning the 1st Girls State Basketball championship for the school was a very exciting moment and one that I will never forget.  We were not the most talented team the school has had, but we worked hard and played with a lot of heart!"